Digital Marketing Agency, Arfadia Your Best Result


Digital Marketing Agency, Arfadia Your Best Result

Frequently hear the term digital marketing. Understanding digital marketing is a marketing strategy use a digital media and the internet.

The purpose of digital marketing is to attract customers and prospective customers quickly. As we know, the acceptance of technology and the internet in society is very widespread so it's no wonder marketing activities in digital to be the primary choice by companies.


Some understanding of digital marketing here :

Ridwan Sanjaya & Josua Tarigan (2009)

Digital marketing is marketing activities including branding using a variety of media. As an example of blog, website, e-mail, adwords, and a wide variety of social media networks.

Kleindl, and Burrow (2005)

Understanding digital marketing is a process of planning and implementation of concepts, ideas, pricing, promotion and distribution.

In simple terms can be defined as the construction and maintenance of mutually beneficial relationships between consumers and producers.

Heidrick & Struggles (2009)

Digital marketing uses the development of the digital world to do advertising that is not heralded directly but will have effects that are very influential.

Types Of Digital Marketing

1. Website

The Website is very instrumental in showing the professionalism of the company, help customers to know Your business, promotion of efficient and business media easy.

2. Search Engine Marketing

Efforts to make a company's website is easily found in search engine system. Search Engine Marketing is divided into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

SEO done yourself with the time that is old and cheap, while SEM is a paid but faster.

3. Social Media Marketing

Circulate the platform in social media such as Facebook and Twitter as it can be done with minimal cost and even free. This of course can increase the company's brand.

4. Online Advertising

Media promotion via the internet with pay. This can get consumers more quickly and satisfying but somewhat more expensive than other types of that before.

5. Email Marketing

You can tell the latest information about the ongoing promotions and products or services.

6. Video Marketing

This way, You can explain about Your business, explaining the product and how to use it and display customer testimonials.

7. Pay Per Click

One of the techniques of digital marketing that utilizes internet and website as a device. How to work with paying a fee each ad or website to get a visit and click, with competing for those keywords.

Types of digital marketing

Several efforts have been done in the digital age with an existence for marketing. Hopefully there are maximizing the marketing in the foreseeable future with a variety of the competition. Then, the strategy of the types of digital marketing to individuals, business entities or units of the company can be developed massively in there for achieving the goals periodically.

Digital Marketing Agency, Arfadia Your Best Result


South Jakarta, Indonesia

Arfadia is a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency and Creative Media Company located in Jakarta, Indonesia. We offer 360 Digital Marketing Campaign, SEO, Web Design, Video Production, Branding & Corporate Identity. Arfadia consistently delivering transformational growth to our customers. Arfadia has won many awards and obtained many certifications from both National and International.

Arfadia has a different method than other companies. The Arfadia Team has years of experience in this industry and has a proven track record of successful results.

The Great Digital Marketing Agency - Arfadia, acts as a long-term partner in your success. Arfadia is flexible, creative, adapts to new technology, results oriented, certified, and very experienced. Arfadia does not have a one strategy approach for all businesses - but Arfadia will spend time analyzing and building a strategic plan that is suitable for your business.


Unlike other companies or individual services that offer lower prices, Arfadia is very knowledgeable and understands the steps to market your digital assets in the Search Engine, the results that Arfadia offers are very clear and measurable. Arfadia has conducted research on companies or other individual services that do not provide clear indicators of the output of their work, the work output is only in the form of backlinks that are embedded on websites. While Arfadia makes a complete package (SEO All in One), the results of which you can feel for a long time. The foundation of your digital assets, the DR and DA values that will be maximized, is the key to the success of Arfadia's work. Not only optimizing your digital assets, but Arfadia will also optimize other online media so that your business will dominate in the Search Engine Results, so that you will have greater opportunities for potential customers / investors / partners for your digital assets, this is what Arfadia calls " The New Generation Of SEO ".

Due to its optimum services and well developed products, the digital agency has got certification of the International Organization for Standard (ISO) and has been awarded both nationally and internationally include Environmental Management System, Quality Management System, and Management System Occupational Health and Safety. Arfadia managed to become one of the Best Digital Agency in Indonesia through recognized certification from a government-agencies, client testimonials, and its mission that always prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Digital Marketing Agency, Arfadia Your Best Result

Our Service are :

Communication Strategy

Digital Blueprint Strategy

Channel Strategy (360 degree)

Content Pillar

The Visual Style and Guideline

Campaign Theme

Digital Activity (with Influencers)

Visibility In Social Media

KOL / Influencers Marketing Activity

Search Engine Optimization All-In-One (Google Search Domination)

Google Maps Optimization and Local Citation

Online Reputation Marketing

Article (Content Marketing) Production

Graphic / Motion Design

Media Press Release, Distribution, and Monitoring

Email Marketing

Paid Advertising

Native Advertising

Social Media Maintenance, Campaign and Advertising

Data Management Platform (DMP)

Video Marketing Production and Distribution

Interactive Video (HTML5) Production

Web Design


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Digital Marketing Agency, Arfadia Your Best Result
Digital Marketing Agency, Arfadia Your Best Result
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