Tours in Lawang Interesting to Visit, Record the Location


Tours in Lawang Interesting to Visit, Record the Location
Tours in Lawang Interesting to Visit, Record the Location

Tours in Lawang Interesting to Visit,Record the Location

Tourism in Lawang, Malang Regency, there are several interesting natural destination spots to visit. Tourism in Lawang is quite strategically located because as one of the districts in Malang Regency, north and located on the border of Pasuruan Regency has a number of tourist attractions.

Malang, East Java Province, is indeed familiar, one of which is the grace of educational places of various quality choices ranging from early childhood education levels to universities, natural tourist attractions ranging from mountains, beaches and culinary.

Lawang is one of the sub-districts in Malang Regency, East Java. Lawang is known as a resort town since the Dutch colonial era. Therefore, it is not surprising that until now there are still many ancient Dutch-style buildings in Lawang, including the train station which is one of the stopovers for the South line train from Surabaya to Malang.

Things to do in Lawang

The following is a record of tourism in Lawang, Malang Regency, East Java, including:

Tourist attractions in Lawang include:

1. Wonosari Tea Garden PTP XXIII,

2. Polaman Baths,

3. Sanggar Swimming Pool, This place is easy to reach because the location is only about 200 meters from the main road of Malang - Surabaya, precisely in Kalirejo Village. If it is from Lawang Railway Station, the distance is only about 1 kilometer. To get to this place, you can use various modes of transportation, from walking to riding a car.

4. Krabayakan Tourism Village, Mount Wedon,

 5. Agro Wasp Honey Picking Tour

(Jalan Doktor Wahidin Sudirohusodo 65251 Malang),

6. LaGross Textile Tourism (Jl. Indrokilo Selatan No. 28 65215 Lawang), seventh educational and historical tour,

7. Mental Health Museum managed by dr. Radjiman Wediodiningrat Mental Hospital (RSJ).

The location of this museum is opposite the main building of RSJRW, which is right a few meters from the gate of the Mental Hospital on Jalan Achmad Yani Sumber Porong Lawang, Malang Regency.

8. Telaga Sumber Porong is located in two villages, namely Sumberporong which is still in Malang Regency and Sentul Village which is included in Pasuruan Regency.

9. Telaga Sumber Porong is also a historical tourism in Lawang City, because this lake existed tens or even a hundred years ago. Previously, this lake was one of the suppliers of clean water needs at Dr. Radjiman Mental Hospital.

Things to do in Lawang

Tourism in Lawang, Malang Regency as one of the needs of human beings to get refreshing thoughts, natural tadabur is often visited by tourists of course. In addition, many ancient buildings in Lawang are former Dutch relics.


Tours in Lawang Interesting to Visit,Record the Location